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SWAT Army для Android

Free Download SWAT Apk Hack Money or Android - It was just a matter of your time that mobile devices got a performance ok to support 3D environments, or at least 3D-like, thus obtaining the land prepared for 1st Person Shooters' landing. SWAT: End War, by FT games, comes to be a quite simplified version of more complicated FPSs, because your character remains static and cannot either move or cowl. Every enemy has a time bar indicating what proportion time left you have got before he shoots at you, quite in the way of your time Crisis, to put a straightforward example. However, scenarios are not interactive.

On the other hand, there are enough weapons and upgrades to keep you pleased for a protracted time whereas you fight over for freedom in several places and collect credit cards to require half in some minigames to urge premium stuff. If your device screen isn't massive enough, there are (wisely) 2 totally different controls therefore game's playability is not affected by your phone specs.

In the end, it's a fun game, perfect for those UN agencyse devices cannot bear last generation shooters and who prefers the freemium formula over paid games. This SWAT if free, though ad-supported, and eventually you weapons and ammo will not be enough to advance more and you will need to purchase in-game currency.

In the 21st century,terrorism spreads apace around the whole world.As the anti-terrorism materials show that each one these terrorist activities are associated with a dark forces.They have quite advanced military weapons during this modern war combat: pilotless fighter, new rocket launchers, powerful machine guns, and may even have begun to require form of nuclear weapons.In the face of this powerful dard forces,all countries get together and establish a SWAT of United Nations specializing in striking dark forces everywhere the planet and safeguarding world peace.

SWAT Army для Android

SWAT Army для Android

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1 New collection and upgrade system!
2 New super weapon!
3 Epic audio-visual effects!
4 New lifelike scenes.
5 New combinations of fights!


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