Download Elsword Evolution V3.01 Mod Apk Data

 Download Elsword Evolution Mod Apk v3.0.1 Terbaru
Download Elsword Evolution Mod Apk v3.0.1 For Android  - This time the game will admin deal is a game RPG cool that Elsword Evolution, Game this one is just in the release version of the latest on 11 may 2016 so those of you who haven't had or haven't update to a version newer please go ahead to download it through the link below.

This year is a lot of game developers are releasing a game with RPG category, admins do not wonder why how many developers choose to release a new game in the RPG category compared with other categories. Due to the category of roll playing game (RPG) is a game with a variety of exciting adventures and added with a variety of exciting characters that make gamers easily interested and willing to try out new gaming products that have been on him.

Evolution Game Elsword like this, this game is a new game releases in palystore on 11 May 2016 by Siamgame Mobie, Although still new but this game has been very popular, and now this game has reached 16 thousand more gameres who have played this game. Well in this game you will get an adventurous mission to eradicate the monsters and collect the sacred animals that you can use to help you in the exciting adventures in this game.

 Download Elsword Evolution Mod Apk v3.0.1 Terbaru

 Download Elsword Evolution Mod Apk v3.0.1 Terbaru

 Download Elsword Evolution Mod Apk v3.0.1 Terbaru

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Intro game

---------- Game animated horizontal action with a sense of war were full, online simultaneously around the world, a free download is underway ----------
Elsword mobile gaming officials of Elsword, using effects background and 3D character design, providing animation style that is humorous, try to get through combat operations easy and skills characters are cool, cover the planting of diversity in the game, collecting ways to play, giving the player an exciting adventure and easy ,

Benefit game
Login 7-day free ice-finding team gets set El classic, logged 15 days awarded millions, purple weapons, and jewelry gorgeous!

characteristics game
Horizontal war anime style with cool graphics
1.Game has a solid 3D images with high precision, smooth operation and fast, and the effects of war are cool, perfectly describes the most exciting adventure of war and hot in history.

Three job, opened simultaneously worldwide
1. Select the character of war, jointly protect the city of El with players around the world with different languages!
The costumes are beautiful exchange at will, system-Avatar Live3D first in the world
1.Ratusan costumes and jewelry tide at will!
2.Teknik first Live 3D Avatar, with 11 types of costumes which gives a cool effect.

PVE awesome war
1. Experience PVE war.
2. Jump between the platforms, avoiding the attack boss.
3. Enter the hurdles gold, collect gold fell.

Capture and collection of sacred animals
Animals including: the ancient Phoru, cockatigle, scorpion king, armor Nasde, ice dragon ...... Use sacred animal to surprise your enemies, and they can also be a ride you know!

Interaction rate
1. Join the tribe to follow tribal attacks, suit, mines, underground treasure and other games.
2. Each week held inter-tribal warfare, cover pages, the seizure of mines, war peak in every week!

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