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Original release date: January 26, 2010
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Mass Effect
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows

For this afternoon, I will share the games that have been released about five years ago. This game belongs to the category role- playing. But make no mistake this game in the top ten best game of all time on the website Metacritic score of 94. So it is not wrong if the afternoon I would share this game, certainly a lot that still plays and look for this game. In Years 2011, Mass Effect 3 successfully obtained an award as the "Most Anticipated Game" at the Spike Video Game Awards 2011. Before going any further does not hurt to know more about the game Mass Effect.

Mass Effect series is a story stopgap sci fi setting on offline rpg game, especially in the production of Bioware gaming PC that has a storyline that alias-free non-linear storyline. Unlike the RPG series to another, Mass Effect takes place tomorrow, contains scenes of shooting wear laser, metered characters both good and bad, exploring between different planets, a lot of races Alien, custom armor suit nuanced versatile space, there are martial arts self-style sci fi, multi-ending story, and so on.

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Mass Effect 2 resume the unfinished story of prekuelnya, Mass Effect 1. In Final Ending Mass Effect 1, after destroying Sovereign, special agent The Reapers and their representatives at the Citadel Council Saren, Shepard traveled around the galaxy looking back and hunt the remnants followers they are both the alien race Geth.

In the midst of the manhunt operation, Stealth Ship Normandy led by Shepard and his friends, was suddenly attacked suddenly by an unknown object. Consequently fatal, Normandy shattered and some crew members managed to escape, while others failed, including Shepard. Two years later, after the collapse of Normandy, all the former crew Normandy survivors resume their life. Human Alliance have assumed the status of Shepard as Missing In Action, was the Shepard is still alive.

Over the past two years, the human race militant organization, Cerberus Shepard had been hiding in one of their laboratories in a secret place. They are trying to save Shepard from his coma status, in a covert operation codenamed Lazarus and led by Miranda, right hand leadership Cerberus, The Illusive Man.

Cerberus insisted heal Shepard of coma for a noble purpose, namely to save mankind from the threat of the Reapers. At least that was the main reason The Illusive Man to Shepard after he woke up from a coma. Of course, Shepard is still not 100% trust him and Cerberus. In the previous story, Shepard considers Cerberus including terrorist groups, as they perform a variety of dangerous and illegal trial against some alien race for the sake of the human race.

In addition to cure Shepard, Cerberus also upgrade some part of his body, that unites the omni tool into Shepard. The figure for Cerberus Shepard is an important icon in saving the Milky Way from the invasion of the Reapers, despite past that took place between the two sides. Currently, Cerberus, found that hundreds of thousands of lives of the human race who are in various small colonies have been lost without trace.

Human Alliance, according to The Illusive Man, also seem indifferent to such a terrible thing. In addition, the Citadel Council are trying to eliminate a variety of information about the threat of the Reapers for Shepard presumed dead. They also blame Saren and the Geth as the source of the chaos that has happened so far. Thus, The Illusive Man helping Shepard wholeheartedly and give Normandy second generation, to investigate the matter.

Shepard also raised the rank of Lieutenant Commander (Major Marines) to Commander (Lieutenant Colonel Marines), and named as captain Normandy 2, which is larger than Normandy 1. Cerberus also sent Shepard to gather new members or old, skilled specialized and of various races in all corners of the galaxy. Based on the results of the investigation while Shepard, apparently alien race The Collector has kidnapped hundreds of thousands of human beings.

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