PES 2016 - All About New Features Game

PES 2016  New Features Game

As written on, konami the had confirmed the release date of PES 2016 on September 15, 2015, while other regions will follow around the 17th and 18th september.

What are the latest features in PES 2016?

PES 2016  New Features Game
Pro Evolution Soccer at this time Gotze is no longer the main cover again but Neymar will be the main cover. As in previous years, there is always a reshuffle latest features in each release, and also adapts to the user's request or gamers. Feature that caught my attention is a feature-style celebration selfie totti. And of course there are many more other features, here are some of the features that will accompany PES 2016.

In addition, one other interesting feature is the Celebration Control. Yes, now you can organize a celebration of what you want to catapult after the player scored a goal! This feature will appear shortly after the player scored, where you can press a certain key to celebrating desired.

Advanced Collision System - At this time pes effects of a collision between players would be more realistic and would be more fun to play.

Aerial Strength - With this feature will be making our choice in a duel air ball during play. And with this feature will also make us find the best position to carry out a header or kick volleyball.

Celebration Control - This allows specifying celebrate what will be used in accordance with our wishes. The coolest is that selfie totti celebration has been added pal. Imagine how she cried the plague in 2016.

Import Image in Edit Mode - Edit Mode would have been familiar to the players PES. And this time, the PES Productions Import Images provides features for gamers who play PS4 or PS3 version of this game. The goal? To edit the team kits and emblems in accordance with your wishes, including the appearance of the manager in the game.

Point of View Cameras More Dynamic - PES Productions promising camera viewpoint is more dynamic than the previous series, especially if you use the camera settings Wide. Setting Wide makes you able to see the field and the actions that occur more freely. The camera also adjusts to the movement of the ball in the field, thus promising the best vantage point during a match.

Fox Engine is improvised - Many improvised given to Fox Engine, including in terms of its visual. When it rains for example, you will often see the splashes of water that came out during a tackle or a player falling over. In addition, the PES Productions also improve the lighting field when the game takes place at night.

Elements of physics do not forget to return the ball accurately calculated, so that presents a realistic ball movement. Everything is calculated using real data, so that you will never again see the movement of the ball deviating too far from the source of the kick.

control more noticeably- In PES 2016, PES Productions improve control 1 vs 1 when you carry the ball. In addition to improving the response of players, this increase will also make you able to move more freely, even in a time pinch some opposing players at once. These changes include some Feint new styles, some of which can make the opponent lose balance when chasing.

PES 2016  New Features Game
Other features are the weather Can Change In The Middle Game. For the first time in the series PES, PES 2016 features the Dynamic Weather alias dynamic weather during the match. With this feature, the weather can change during the game. So, sometimes you can start the game with sunny weather, then suddenly at the beginning of the second half it started raining. This dynamic combination of weather that makes PES Productions was improvising elements of the physics of the ball, which is required to be able to adapt to changes in the weather.

When it rains, you can see a lot of "incidents" occurred in the field, for example, opposing players who slip because of the slippery ground when dealing with you. This feature can you activate either all offline modes, including the Master League.

Dynamic Weather feature in PES 2016 is also the first ever attendance at football games. Konami promises PES 2016 will be released on 17 September. This game will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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