Free Download Game Zuma Deluxe Full Version + Crack 2015 (4,79 Mb) - Surely you are familiar with this free zuma game which is very light and can be played for netbooks, laptops and computers. Free Download Zuma Deluxe game by Pop Cap games developed and released in 2003. Zuma including a home game, which like the other games, it does not require computer specifications capable. In fact, today there is a version that can be played on cell phones, PDA, IPOD, and playstation. Specifications using a computer, to be able to play this game is a Pentium II 350 MHz Processor, 128 MB RAM, with DirectX 7.0.

The game is set in the Aztec Pyramid, Mexico. Icon Frog and solar storms of God in 2012; sun to the badge on the front page of Zuma Deluxe. The game consists of two modes of play, challenge and adventure. Challenge mode is a simple game to collect the numbers game or score as much as possible, while the adventure is a game mode to unlock stage (game) and to raise a new level.

When I first played, there are only a few stages can be selected for the challenge mode. Several more stages remain hidden and can only be used if this has been achieved in the adventure mode. Zuma Deluxe consists of four stages, namely rabbits, Eagle, Jaguar, and the god of the sun. Each stage is played 7 different difficulty levels. In addition, the color of the ball also distinguish each stage. Phase 1-4 play four balls in red, blue, green, and yellow. At the stage is then added purple and silver balls.

13th stage to stage additional . Step has a background sky like the sky. In contrast to the previous level, at this level the track ball is not visible to obscure the eyes. This game missions, challenges and adventures, is to prevent the ball into the hole Skull. Mouth skull will open if the ball is approaching and will suck all the balls if the ball is in front of the entrance to the hole. To prevent this, we have to shoot the same colored balls at least 2 colored balls together to move forward toward the hole. When hit, the ball will explode and move backwards.

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Tips to Play Zuma Deluxe

  • Play Zuma with a maximum score or reach the final stage in the sky, do the ways below.
  • Avoid shooting the ball in a different color or wrong because that would hinder us in the next step.
  • Shoot the ball with the longest series of the same color.
  • Shoot the ball with a bonus to help us.
  • Shoot coins that appear to improve much faster Score to add life.
  • Use right-click to swap the ball to be dismissed with a ball that came later.
  • Attempting to shoot the ball in the back row for the circuit so more slowly, but not to neglect the ball in front of the circuit.
  • Never hesitate to shoot.
  • Do not be too frequent changes of direction and spins as it would distract our own.
  • Zuma was named the best game of 2006. Zuma is a game of action-puzzle interesting. We must finish the ball into the hole to get to the next level. There are 20 more temples to explore and each level has a different difficulty levels. Anyway game Zuma is guaranteed fun to play.

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