Zuma Deluxe Full Game

Panino Game PC - Welcome connoisseurs Zuma Game! this is where the guys were very fond of the game zuma wherever you are. Here, too, you can each play together with the other Zuma friends in various parts of the world. To make your days be exciting and fun anymore then invite friends, relatives, or your family to get together to play games zuma here is guaranteed to be more exciting again.

Zuma is a computer game that requires intense concentration and precision. Zuma to be excellent for light gaming and can be played by anyone. Until now, Zuma still distributed by Big Fish as a developer with versions and latest features. Zuma Deluxe Game is a puzzle type game-rise in the form of adventure. Zuma Deluxe Game can be played by one or two people at a time. Zuma Deluxe Game has an interesting three-dimensional view and a variety of colors contained therein. Games Zuma Deluxe Game is very easy to play. The concept is in it likens users as adventurers who must explore every temples to finish the game. Users will be provided twenty levels temples or level. These levels can be unlocked after completing the previous level.

Zuma Deluxe Game can be played by paying attention to a few things. In this game, there is a statue of a frog that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and shoot colored balls. The colored balls can increase the score when fired in the balls with the same color. To scorch the ball, the user must put three balls of the same color in a row. Balls will continue to move toward the sinkhole. Users have to spend the whole ball before it went into a sinkhole in order to win. The higher the level, then the path will be more diverse movement and speed of movement of the ball will be faster. In addition, there is a gold coin to be taken by shooting the ball towards the coins and medals of the skull which should be avoided because it can reduce the value.

Zuma Deluxe Game is played using mouse only. Left click on the mouse is used to shoot the ball and click the right mouse button is used to change the color of the ball. Users can hover over the direction the ball is intended to target a target. Zuma Deluxe game can be enjoyed for free in the trial version. Users can upgrade to the paid version at a low cost. It should be noted, Zuma Deluxe Game requires the installation of an online order games to run smoothly. Download Zuma deluxe 2015 full Version for this link CLick


To play zuma with a maximum score or reach the last stage, do the ways or tips to play zuma deluxe following:
  • Avoid shooting the ball with a different color or wrong as this will be difficult for us in the next step.
  • Shoot the ball with the same color range of the longest
  • Shoot the ball with bonus marks to help us.
  • Shoot coins that appear to increase the score so much faster menabah lives
  • Use right-click the mouse to swap the ball to be fired with a ball that should appear later
  • Try to shoot the ball in the back row more, so that the course of a series of slower, but do not overlook the ball in front of the circuit.
  • Never hesitate to shoot
  • Do not be too often changing direction and rotates as it will distract


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